Here we go step by step instructions:

Step – 1:

At first, you need to login to your panel (Check mail for these details –  Login URL, Username, Password). Once you logged in this is how your screen will look alike. Now, click on POSTS>ALL POSTS.

Step – 2 :

After you click on ” ALL POSTS “, on the top left, you will see an option “PENDING” section. Just click on pending. Once you click on pending you will see a list of Programs.

Step – 3:

Now click on ” Edit “ and open in a new tab. You will see an editor with entire program.

Step – 4:

Our authors wrote a program in more than 3 ways like using separate class, command-line arguments and the list goes on as per program. Under each and every heading of the program, you have to explain the code.

Step – 5:

Once your explanation has done on your left corner > you will see a box. Where you have to change status from PENDING REVIEW to DRAFTand ” Click OK “

Step – 6 :

Once you change the status to “DRAFT”. Now click on “SAVE DRAFT”, and close the window. This process goes on for the rest of the programs.


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